Download & Install Kingroot For Windows PC (Root Android With PC)

Rooting is a famous task with which you can get the admin control of your device. When it comes to rooting your devices, you need a good app for it. KingRoot is a very good choice for you to do rooting. It let’s you to improve your device performance by removing all unwanted files. Rooting also lets you to download any unauthorized apps from a third -party source without any restriction. When you want to root your PC without any technical difficulties KingRoot is an excellent choice. This is a free app you can download from its official site.

Initially, KingRoot was only for Android devices. But now it is available for PC too. KingRoot is a safe application you can use to root your PC/Desktop effectively. You don’t have to worry about any virus or malwares while using this app. This is a safe app many users trust with in order to root their device. This app is tested and proved as a compatible app with almost all device. Now, you can easily download and the use the app to get complete authority on your device.

Download & Install Kingroot For Windows PC 2018

Features of KingRoot

KingRoot is most widely accepted app to root device securely. It has numerous features when compared to other apps in this genre. Here are the features

User-friendly-: The app has been designed to go well with all Operating systems. It is very easy to use too. You can do rooting in one click. The language of this app was Chinese before. Now you can see all instructions in English too

Safe-: KingRoot app is very safe to use on your PC. Rooting process is very simple and it protects your device even after rooting

Use this app to speed up your PC performance by removing all idle software from your system. It may consume lot of space and even reduce the speed of your device. Using Kingroot you can improve device speed

Adware blockers are also there when you use KingRoot app. You can avoid those annoying ads after rooting your device using this app

Automatically back up all your system data when you use this app. There is no need to do it manually more often. Protect your data by saving them and retrieve whenever you want.

Customize your device as you like using this app. You will get full authority to control your device. Change device look and settings as you want. No more restriction from operating system.

App details

App name KingRoot


App version 5.3.2
Last Updated May 6, 2017


OS All versions


How to Download KingRoot App for Windows PC?

You will not get this app from windows store. So, get it from its official site.

Download Kingroot For PC

  • Download the Kingroot for PC from the link above.
  • After downloading open the app and install it on your PC
  • Now you can use this app and root your PC

How to use KingRoot App on PC?

  • Open the installed app and sign up
  • You can create a login username and password here
  • Login using these details onto the app and configure your account as you like
  • There you can see Root button. Click on it and it will start rooting process
  • Wait sometime and it will show you message after completing rooting.

There is not any complex procedure. You can easily install and use this app as you wish. This is the best app according to many users that helps to root devices problem-free. A single fault while rooting can cause huge damage to your system. It is better not to experiment with any other apps.

Final words,

Kingroot apk is the best app choice to root your PC. This is designed with a simple user interface that allows you to complete the process within few seconds. Just go to the app and click on Root option. Your job is done. The app is completely free and you don’t have to pay anything to use it. No need to worry about your device security also while rooting. You cannot find any similar app with safety as well as ease of use. Download the app immediately and enjoy liberty.