Kingoroot APK v5.3.6 Download For Android – Latest Version

Rooting is the process of unlocking your Android device. By doing this you will get full admin rights of your smartphone. Doing rooting is a treacherous process and even a single mistake may cause a great disaster. You can avoid this using good apps for rooting. Kingoroot APK is a very popular app with which you can root your Android device. It lets you do the process in single click within a matter of a second.

There are many advantages you will get by rooting your device. Some of them are download external apps, deletes unwanted apps, update OS and many more. KingRoot is a free app you can use for this purpose. By rooting you can also improve your device performance as well as its speed. When you for search a better app that does all of them, KingoRoot will be on the top of the list. It has got a good review among many users and you can also try it on your Android device.

Download Kingoroot Apk v5.3.6 For Android – Official Website

Features of KingoRoot APK

Kingroot Apk
Kingroot Apk

Kingoroot APK is an app with many useful features. You can improve your device efficiency by using this app.

Boost your device performance-: If your device runs very slow you can speed it up by rooting it. KingoRoot APK will help you with that. You can enjoy a smooth smartphone experience by rooting your device using KingoRoot APK

Long lasting battery-: Boost up your battery performance using a rooted phone. There are many battery booster applications available for rooted devices. Use KingRoot app to root your phone and get a long battery life.

Removes un-wanted app-: Every phone contains many apps that are idle. These apps are known as bloatware and you can remove them using KingRoot APK. Those apps consume a lot of space from your phone and reduce its efficiency

Backup phone data-: Backing up all your important files more often is a headache. If you can root your device using KingRoot app you can easily backup all your files. You can customize your phone as you like and enable auto backup.

Ad-blocker-: Nobody likes frustrating ads while watching anything. You can now remove these annoying advertisements using a 3rd party app. it is available only for rooted device.  You can use KingRoot app to easily root your phone.

Customize your device-: Some people like new changes to their phones. Now no need to get frustrated with that usual old look. You can change anything from its appearance to settings by rooting. Rooting gives you admin access with which you can change its look.

Kingoroot App Details

App name KingRoot APK


App size 12.47 MB


Latest Version v5.3.2


Android version Android 2.3 and higher


Last updated January 24, 2017


How To Download KingoRoot APK on Android Device?

This is a free app and you cannot get it from the Google Play store. So, you can download it from its official site. The installation process is very simple.

  • Download the latest version of KingoRoot APK from the official website –
  • Go to device settings and enable download from an unknown source. Otherwise, you cannot install the app
  • Go to Settings>Lock and Security> Unknown source. Tap on it
  • Now go to downloads and open the app.
  • Install it and enjoy easy rooting.

How to root your Android phone using Kingoroot?

If you are using Kingoroot APK to root your Android device the process is very simple. You can finish the process within a few seconds

  • Open the app and you will see the option ‘Start Root’ or ‘Fix now’
  • Tap on a fix now and wait until the rooting process completes
  • If your phone is compatible with this app the rooting will be successful. You can see a message saying ‘device rooted successfully’

    Root Android Using Kingroot
    Root Android Using Kingroot
  • Wow! Now you can enjoy complete freedom in your device. Download any apps you want.
  • If you want to make sure whether rooting is successful then you can go to play store and download Root Checker app from It will show you whether your device is rooted or not.

Benefits of using Kingoroot for rooting

  • This app is completely free to use. No need to give your card information or sign-ups to operate this
  • It makes the rooting process very simple. Anybody can do it without technical difficulties
  • The app is tested on every type of Android devices. It will work well with all Android devices
  • If Kingoroot doesn;’t work, you can try other one click rooting apps like Unlock root or SRS Root Apps.

Final words

So, you got every information related to devising rooting using Kingoroot APK from this article. What do you think about it? Do you want to root your device and enjoy full freedom? No need to go for any other apps. KingoRoot is the best app you can find to do the rooting process fast and easily.  Try the app and improve your phone performance.  It supports all Android device well and no need to worry about device compatibility while using this app.